What is a State of Local Emergency?

Manitoba’s Emergency Measures Act requires the Rural Municipalities to establish emergency preparedness plans and programs and to implement those plans when an emergency or disaster exists or appears imminent. A State of Local Emergency can be declared in such a situation, giving local authorities the power for 14 days to take action to prevent or limit the loss of life and damage to property or the environment.


Why does the Rural Municipalitity have to declare a State of Local Emergency?


Upon the declaration of, and during a state of local emergency, the rural municipalitiy may issue an order to any party to do everything necessary to prevent or limit loss of life and damage to property or the environment, including: 

  • implement emergency plans utilize any real or personal property considered necessary to prevent, combat or alleviate the effects of any emergency or disaster  authorize or require any qualified person to render aid of such type as that person may be qualified to provide
  • control, permit or prohibit travel to or from any area or on any road, street or highway cause the evacuation of persons and the removal of livestock and personal property and make arrangements for the adequate care and protection thereof
  • control or prevent the movement of people and the removal of livestock from any designated area that may have a contaminating disease
  • authorize the entry into any building, or upon any land without warrant
  • cause the demolition or removal of any trees, structure or crops in order to prevent, combat or alleviate the effects of an emergency or a disaster
  • authorize the procurement and distribution of essential resources and the provision of essential services
  • regulate the distribution and availability of essential goods, services and resources
  • provide for the restoration of essential facilities, the distribution of essential supplies and the maintenance and co-ordination of emergency medical, social and other essential services
  • expend such sums as are necessary to pay expenses caused by the emergency.

My property is at risk for flooding - what happens with my livestock?


The Department of Agriculture recommends that proactive measures be taken by individuals well in advance of the anticipated flood season.  Should the response to emergency go beyond what the individual has in the way of resources, then the individual should:

- contact Department of Agriculture - Emergency Animal Care Line (204) 945-8000

The Emergency Animal Care Line will then assess the situation and initiate a response from the regional "Go Team".

Additional information: www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture