T.I.P.P. is a monthly Tax Installment Payment Plan that allows property and business owners to make consecutive monthly payments for taxes rather than a single annual payment.

The T.I.P.P. program starts on January 1st of each year and payments are made on the 15th banking day of each month by automatic withdrawal from an account with chequing privileges at a financial institution. The T.I.P.P. program collects taxes for the calendar year January 1st to December 31st and ensures that all taxes are paid. Under the T.I.P.P. program property taxes are paid in full after the December 15th withdrawal.

  • Online:
  • You may pick up an application at the municipal office; or
  • Contact the office for it to be emailed or faxed to you
To join T.I.P.P., you must complete a T.I.P.P. application form and forward to our office via mail, email or in person to:

    Rural Municipality of St. Francois Xavier
    1060 Hwy. 26
    St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba
    R4L 1A5

T.I.P.P Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does T.I.P.P. work

    The program begins on January 1 of each year; however, you may join at any time during the year.

    The monthly payment is calculated by dividing the previous year's tax levy by 12 payments for the calendar year. Installment amounts are adjusted in July for property taxes to allow for any changes resulting from the new tax levy. At the time of the annual tax billing, you will be notified of the total amount of installments paid to date and the calculation of the new installment amounts for the remaining payments in that year.

    If you join after January 1, the missed installments can either be paid at the time of application or be included in the remaining installment payments for the year.

    There are two options for handling your payments if you join after January 1st:

    • You can amortize the outstanding taxes plus any applicable fees over the remaining months after a lump sum payment has been made. A lump sum payment can be any amount but it is normally the amount for the months you have missed being on the T.I.P.P. program.

    • You can amortize the outstanding taxes plus any applicable fees over the remaining months with no lump payment.

  2. What do I do if my T.I.P.P. payment has been returned as NSF?

    Your monthly T.I.P.P. payment is withdrawn on the 15th of the month. Should your monthly T.I.P.P. payment be returned by your financial institution as NSF (or any other reason), there will be a service charge added to your tax account.

    The Municipality will send you written notification advising that your missed monthly payment will be added to the final December payment payment along with the service charge.

  3. How do supplementary tax adjustments affect my T.I.P.P. payments?

    If you are an existing TIPP customer and you receive a change to the assessed value of your property (e.g. new building, renovations, etc.) these supplementary taxes will be added to your monthly TIPP payment.

    Your monthly installment will be calculated to distribute the supplementary taxes over the remaining installments for that calendar year.

  4. How do other additional charges affect my T.I.P.P. payments?

    Additional charges added to the tax roll for non-payment of a service to the property (e.g. outstanding water, noxious weeds, board up, clean up, etc) will be added to and collected with the next monthly T.I.P.P. payment. You will receive written notification of this monthly amount change.

    Once the additional charge has been paid, the subsequent monthly payments will then revert to the former amount until the tax account balance is discharged.

  5. My T.I.P.P. payment increased, does this mean that my taxes are increasing?

    Please remember that in determining your monthly T.I.P.P. payment commencing January 1st, an estimate of the annual taxes were used. This estimate does not necessarily reflect what the actual taxes will be as Council still needs to determine what the tax rates will be. Council approves the tax rates each year during the adoption of the annual operating budget.

  6. What happens if the estimate T.I.P.P. payment is too high or too low as compared to my actual taxes?

    During the annual billing process for property taxes the T.I.P.P. payment is recalculated mid-year and is adjusted for the taxpayer to ensure that the proper amount of the current year taxes will be fully paid prior to December 31st